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My work is about pure, emotional painting. It is a convergence of color, shape, stroke and line. I do not analyze or plan ahead. I construct and deconstruct until I unravel an abstract moment. I paint, draw, scribble and scratch, adding layer upon layer. Allowing paint to be paint and marveling at happy accidents. I don't usually transfer image or object to canvas. I am not interested in borrowing given imagery. Rather, I am interested in allowing something to happen, something that had not been happening before, that did not already exist. The work is intuitively formed, through emotion and always the music I listen to while I paint.

"For me, painting is like life. Full of ups and downs, rewarding and sometimes disappointing. But, always an adventure and sometimes people like me and sometimes they don't. And I am okay with that."


Pocket Full of Horses 1 by Tracy Bonin


When Days Go By by Tracy Bonin


In Spite of Myself by Tracy Bonin


Head Over Feet by Tracy Bonin


Free As A Bird by Tracy Bonin


Favorite Mistake by Tracy Bonin


Every Single Second by Tracy Bonin


Drown Me In Love by Tracy Bonin


Happy Accidents by Tracy Bonin


A Faded Memory by Tracy Bonin


We Should Be Dancing by Tracy Bonin


Some Dance To Forget by Tracy Bonin


Dirty Dancing by Tracy Bonin


Ice Cream From Ear to Ear by Tracy Bonin


Only Time Will Tell by Tracy Bonin