I Sould Be Painting But Its Too Freaking Hot

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I should be painting, but itís too freaking hot!

I live a super charmed life here in Bucerias, Mexico! And I should be doing what I came here to doÖ..and thatís painting!!! I havenít done any work in at least two weeks, because I was back in Alberta, visiting family. But now I am back, and itís hot as balls here!! Itís probably only 30įC-ish, but with the humidity, it feels like 50į!! So instead, I am doing what I call, Ďconstructive procrastinationí. Right now, I am standing in my kitchen in a bikini, making a double pot of kombucha. As if itís not hot enough already, I thought it was a brilliant idea to boil a huge pot of water in my already unbearably hot kitchen! Yup, just adding more humidity to my house! So with sweat dripping in my eyes, down between my boobs and butt crack, I am making kombucha tea. Sorry if thatís TMI, lol. Probably not the smartest move, but hey, itís super good for me!! Tons of fabulous probiotics for my belly, to keep the mexican cooties away. Thatís my justification!
This winter, I somehow got an intestinal infection that had me in bed for weeks. No amount of antibiotics or store bought probiotics made it go away. It got a little better for a time. Enough that I could actually function and eat again, but my gut was never quite right. So for months I suffered, until a friend had heard enough of my whining about it and she brought me some of her homemade kombucha and sauerkraut. Within four days, I was 95% better! So I was hooked! My friend was already having enough trouble keeping up with her own kombucha habit, and sent me all sorts of recipes to make my own. And so it beganÖ.my kombucha habit.
I have to keep up to my habit, or I might die! Well, I probably wonít die, but my belly is much happier when I do. Quite often around here, the expats have tummy troubles. And I think to myselfÖ.I should make lots and lots of kombucha and share my secret to having a happy belly, and make a little money on the side. But that makes my kitchen too hot, and I am not really that keen on sharing my stash! And then I wonít be painting! So today I am making kombucha and not paintingÖ..tomorrow I will paintÖ.if itís not too hot!
Tracy Bonin ArtÖ.living and loving life in Mexico!